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OZ'S Landscaping can design, supply and create stunning vertical gardens (Greenwalls) large or small. The Modular design of our Greenwalls mean they are perfectly suited for small courtyards or large corporate foyers as well as covered alfresco areas.
The system allows total flexibility for inside or outside applications with simple hand watering options to fully automated, monitored irrigation systems.

Greenwall Sizes
The flexibility of our Greenwall's modular system allows fitting into spaces small and large, narrow or wide, low or high. All you need to decide on the plants you want.

Greenwall Configurations
Our Greenwall configurations have 3 options Hand Water/Manual Care, Tap Connect and Fully Automated. 
Contact us to discuss which option is best suited for your needs.

Greenwall Benefits

Vertical gardens are strikingly beautiful, unique and original works of living art designed to complement their surroundings.

Health and Wellness
Buildings that feature and promote access to vegetation have been documented as having a greater positive human health impact than those without. Studies have shown that visual access to natural settings leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity and post-operative recovery rates in medical facilities.

Indoor Air Quality
Air that has been circulated throughout a building with a strategically placed green wall (such as near an air intake valve) will be cleaner than that on an uncovered building. The presence of vegetation indoors will have the same effect. This processes remove airborne pollutants such as toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene, and other volatile organic compounds.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Green walls can help lower the air temperature around intake valves, which means HVAC units will require less energy to cool air before being circulated around a building.

Greenwall Features

Modular System
Our Greenwalls can be designed to fit a wide range of situations with hexagonal pots.
The pots clip in and out with a very simple connector, giving complete design flexibility in an instant.

Automated System
The system is controlled by a simple pump and a drip-irrigation system. The water is collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the garden.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Application
Our system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Light, environment and weight must be considered when specifying a Vertical Garden.

Improved Sustainability and Reduced Maintenance
The system is soil-based, which substantially reduces maintenance compared to the common hydroponic vertical garden. Soil can store water for a longer period of time, ensuring the longevity of the plants should there be any system failures. The used water is also collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the garden. Furthermore, the pot and tank components of our system are made from recycled material.